Athens (UGA)


HydroLove came to the University of Georgia in January 2013 to serve the bustling bar scene in downtown Athens. Our volunteers are committed to taking advantage of this opportunity to brighten people’s nights and start conversations about the gospel. UGA HydroLove began when a small group leader took an inspired visit to Georgia College’s HydroLove , and decided to replicate what she saw with her small group. For two years, HydroLove operated out of apartments and was supported solely by enthusiastic students who volunteered their time, their money, their homes, and their talents. In late 2014, the leaders registered UGA HydroLove as an official UGA student organization. Since then, the branch has grown in size, established a more permanent home in the Tate Center at UGA, and developed a committed team of leaders.

Our HydroLove-

We serve every Thursday during the school year and prepare for this opportunity by meeting from 10pm-12am in room 137 of the Tate Student Center where we make labels and have a time of worship and prayer. We then carpool to Downtown and hand out water until about 1:00am. Afterwards we reconvene, to share encouraging stories and pray as a group, and carpool back to the Tate Center to end the night. Additionally, we organize and event called Daytime HydroLove. It is very similar to our Thursdays night but during the day. We also host a yearly drive to collect coats, blankets, and other supplies for the homeless population in Athens.


We publish any variations to this schedule and send out updates about other events on our social media pages.


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