HydroLove at Georgia Tech was started in September 2015 and serves the Georgia Tech community by handing out water bottles to students partying on campus and students studying in the main campus study space. The idea to start a HydroLove branch at Georgia Tech was planted after a GT student visited a friend at Georgia College and participated in their HydroLove. She saw the potential for HydroLove on GT’s campus and recognized a need. During the few weeks leading up to to her visit to Georgia College, multiple GT students had committed suicide and although the reasons for their deaths are not known to that student, the situation illuminated to her that many Georgia Tech students experience a lack of love and encouragement while trying to survive  Georgia Tech’s high-stress, high-productivity environment.

Many students get swept up in a wave of perfectionism and self-hate when they under-perform compared to their peers. Some flock to alcohol to provide relief from their stresses, while others chug caffeine and energy drinks to help them power through their circumstances. These are both temporary solutions to fill a void that could be filled with the peace and strength that is found in a relationship with Christ. Recognizing this, we focus on loving, supporting, and serving our fellow students and we hope to share the love, support, peace and strength that we have found in Jesus Christ.

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We welcome any student! We meet at 10:30pm to make labels and then head out onto campus at 12am. We partner with different campus ministries throughout the semester, and will host labeling at our partners’ location. All locations are announced on our Facebook page and weekly newsletter.

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