At HydroLove, we freely hand out waters to anyone who will take it. Our seemingly random acts  of kindness are not a means for us to grow our self-esteem but are solely inspired by the agape, sacrificial, all-encompassing, and unrelenting love of our God.

We believe in a God of great power, sovereignty, and justice who became a human, Jesus Christ, who overflows with compassion, humility, and grace.

The God of creation and magnitude beyond our comprehension showed us his greatness by becoming a man – just for a blip of his infiniteness – to serve his beloved creation. He beget Jesus to this world so that we may be saved from our unending sin. Through his sacrifice on the cross and the triumph of his resurrection, we know that we are now free from the guilt, bitterness, heartache, and suffering of this world. Our needs have been met and we have been satisfied.

Others around us are still searching for this truth. They are investing in things of this world in the hopes that they may find the peace and satisfaction that their souls desperately long for. Though handing out a bottle of water seems trivial in comparison to the gift given to us by God, it is our hope that God’s love will pour out of us and into this hurting world.

It is not by our goodness or the goodness of the ones we serve, but it is God’s greatness that is the spark behind HydroLove.

HydroLove is a simple way to spread a powerful message, and it is all made possible by our incredible volunteers, who come from a variety of Christian backgrounds across multiple campuses.

We work together towards the same goal: to reach out to our community with the Good News and love of Jesus Christ.