Hydrolove is a simple way to spread a powerful message, and it is all made possible by our incredible volunteers, who come from a variety of Christian backgrounds. We work together towards the same goal: to reach out to our community with the Good News and love of Jesus Christ.

Our main event:  Nighttime HydroLove

On Thursday and Friday nights, Hydrolove volunteers gather in the late evening to prepare for outreach. We spend time writing out intentional messages (verses, quotes, etc.) that uplift, encourage, and draw people closer to God. We take these labels, and tie them to hundreds of water bottles, which sets up our simple way of reaching out to the community. Once everything is prepared, we move into a time of prayer and worship to prepare our hearts spiritually before serving. After worship and prayer, we set out with our coolers filled with the labeled water bottles. We pass these out to the local community in effort to start conversations of faith.

Hydrolove is a time of fellowship, prayer, worship, service, and evangelism – all in one night!

Daytime Hydrolove

Want to serve with Hydrolove but can’t make it through the late night hours? We’ve got you covered!

About twice a month, some branches host Hydrolove on their college’s campus, during the day! This is similar to regular HydroLove, but in the middle of college campuses during class times. We set up stations, and hand out free waters with labels attached, just like we do late at night. This is a great way to invest in your peers during the day and get plugged into the Hydrolove community!

Waterless Hydrolove

Some branches gather their volunteers and go downtown to do Hydrolove, without the water bottles. We call this “Waterless HydroLove”, which is simply going out to talk about faith and pray with our local city. We pray, ask questions, and share about Jesus! The goal is to be bold with starting up conversations with the people we encounter downtown, not only get to know them, but to tell others about how God has moved our lives! Get in touch with a branch president and check out the events page for more information about the next upcoming Waterless Hydrolove.