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HydroLove was born at Georgia College in August of  2012 when a group of 6 friends decided to give out free water to students returning to Napier dorm from downtown Milledgeville. This started as a random act of kindness, but as the group went about handing out water they recognized an opportunity for ministry. The people they encountered would stop to talk, and in doing so they would open up about their lives and their struggles. The group was encouraged and decided to return the following week, this time armed with more water and sticky notes to write encouraging notes for the people they met. The following weeks saw a growing group of volunteers, and as the number of people involved grew,  Hydrolove grew from an idea into a full-fledged ministry with its identity rooted in a commitment to the Great Commission. By the end of the first semester of HydroLove, there were nights with 50+ volunteers and HydroLove had moved into the middle of Downtown Milledgeville so that they could minister to the entire downtown community. The following semester saw changes in leadership, the start of Daytime HydroLove, and the beginnings of a HydroLove branch at the University of Georgia. HydroLove continues to minister to students and residents of Downtown Milledgeville, and has recently started supporting a new branch at Georgia Tech.

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HydroLove serves Georgia College and State University every Thursday night. This is a  great way to make new friends, serve your peers, and fulfill the Great Commission while building your evangelism skills and stretching your comfort zone. We serve every Thursday during the school year and prepare for this opportunity by meeting from 10pm-12am at the Wesley House where we make labels before having a time of worship and prayer from 12-1am. We then move Downtown and hand out water until about 2:30am. We post any variations to this schedule and send out updates about other events on our social media pages.

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